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Definitions for Center from the web

  1. A CENTER or reference value is stored with each variable (variable attribute). When you create a new variable, by default the median will be computed and stored as reference values. A number of commands use a CENTER option (e.g. some coding options) to refer to this value. This allows easy comparisons with global values (e.g. global percentages etc). Several commands (DISP, PERCENT) modify this center value. Refrenence values are stored into system files (PUT) and restored by a GET command. There is also a label and descriptor attached to the CENTER, this label/descriptor is global to a whole WA, i.e. it is not always meaningful for all variables. The CENTER command is used to manage this attribute. Note that reference value and center are synonyms.

  2. Center" means an administrative entity established pursuant to this chapter that provides applied technology education to secondary students. Unless otherwise specifically provided for by this chapter, an applied technology center is governed, operated and administered by a single school administrative unit. An applied technology center shall make its programs available to serve secondary students from school administrative units with which it is affiliated. An applied technology center may include within its administrative structure applied technology satellite programs operated by school administrative units with which it is affiliated. [RR 1991, c. 2, §61 (cor).]

  3. The middle point, as the point within the circle equidistant from all points of the circumference * a pivot, axis * the source of an influence, action, force, etc. * a principal point, place or object * the core or middle of anything * a player who primarily plays in the center * to place in a center * to focus * to be at or come to a center

  4. An offensive line position at the center of the line of scrimmage. The center snaps the ball to the quarterback or punter.


  6. An Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC). See Air Route Traffic Control Center.