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Definitions for Humor from the web

  1. A genuine sence of humor is havein a light touch:not beating reality into the ground but apprecieating reality with a light touch. The basis of Shambhala Vision is rediscovering that perfect and real sense of humor, that light touch of appreciation...If you look at yourself, if you look at your mind, if you look at your activities, you can repossess the humor that you have lost in the course of your life." (pg 32) Life is a humorous situation, but it is not mocking us. We find that after all, we can handle our world: we can handle our universe properly and fully in an uplifted fashion." (pg 33) Just as a solid oak tree is swayed by the wind, so a sense of humor makes a person playful. Because of this playfulness and humor, there is no room for depression." (pg 169)

  2. The wrong way of spelling 'humour'.

  3. Gender: n/r Rank/Title: Language Home: n/r Desc: Then he picked up the head and tossed it after the body. 'Don't be so glu

  4. Our ability to laugh at ourselves and the world around us is one of the most noble and highly developed attributes of the human species. This fact alone provides ample evidence our magnificence!

  5. Pages of jokes, cartoons, riddles

  6. N or vb 1 : temperament 2 : mood 3 : whim 4 : a quality that appeals to a sense of the ludicrous or incongruous; also : a keen perception of the ludicrous or incongruous 5 : comical or amusing entertainment 6 : to comply with the wishes or mood of; humorist n; humorless; adj; humorlessly adv; humorlessness n; humorous adj; humorously adv; humorousness n

  7. Amusement, laughs, fun. This should be self-evident, but now and again somebody comes along and takes us way too seriously. Don't worry, we have a couple of self-appointed Wet Blankets (yes, we mean you, Shane) to keep us from going completely off the deep end.

  8. Sites dedicated to comedy or the art of laughter.