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Definitions for Humour from the web

  1. And Humorous [Lat. humor, moisture]: Ger. Stimmung, Laune (1), Fröhlichkeit (2), Humor (3); Fr. humeur (1) (3), bonne humeur (2); Ital. umore (1), buon umore (2), (3) umorismo. (1) Any disposition of mind, as in good or bad humour. (2) That special disposition which has the feeling of mirth. (3) A complex feeling (or corresponding quality) composed of an element of the comic and an element of sympathy. According to the varying degrees in which these elements are present, it shades from the COMIC (q.v.), on the one hand, to the PATHETIC (q.v.) on the other.

  2. Latin humor = liquid, hence the aqueous and vitreous humour of the eyeball.

  3. Is staying up until four on the phone with a best friend, giggling maniacally over everything that comes out of your mouth. (Kasandra Dewbre)

  4. What you really need to get along on the channel, without it you are doomed to a fairly miserable existance.