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Definitions for Theater from the web

  1. The map is divided into two theaters: East and West. Units, leaders and naval squadrons are always located in one theater or the other, and this restricts where they can attack and defend (see the rules on Supply Lines). You can only move cards from one theater to the other during Step 2 (Deploy/Move) or Step 4 (Reorganize).

  2. A theater of war is a region or area where fighting takes place.

  3. A premises used for giving dramatic performances or for showing motion pictures, with all functions and facilities contained within a building unless a drive-in theater is specified.

  4. Theater" means any establishment in which motion pictures are exhibited to the public regularly for a charge. [1979, c. 266 (new).]

  5. The ancient Roman building type used for dramatic performance or entertainment. Unlike the Greek theater, the building is free standing, the wall behind the stage is much higher and the seating area may be covered. Roman Theatre, Merida, Spain

  6. And tactical information system

  7. The geographical area outside the continental United States for which a commander of a combatant command has been assigned responsibility. USIS 95

  8. The geographic area outside the continental United States for which a commander of a unified or specified command has been assigned military responsibility. (Joint Pub 1-02)

  9. Defined here only as a physical plant. Provides possiblities for higher prduction values. When a theatre meets plush seats you have opera, which, according to experts, is the highest form in the secular Western world.