Marie Lebert - Publications (Selected)

2009: Les Dossiers du NEF [The NEF Files]. A series of articles and ebooks relating to digital technology for books, other media and languages, from 2003 to 2009. Published by NEF, University of Toronto, Canada. In French and English.

2009: A Short History of eBooks. From the first ebook in 1971 until now, with Project Gutenberg, Amazon, Adobe, Mobipocket, Google Books, the Internet Archive, and many others. This book is based on thousands of hours of web surfing and 100 interviews conducted worldwide. Published by NEF, University of Toronto, in 2009. In English, French and Spanish.

2008: Technology and Books for All. From Project Gutenberg in 1971 to the Encyclopedia of Life in 2007, 38 milestones, with an overview and an in-depth description. Published by NEF, University of Toronto, in 2008. In English and French. New version published in 2009 as an interactive PDF, with a beautiful design from Marc Autret.

2007: Le Dictionnaire du NEF [The NEF Dictionary]. A dictionary about digital technology (text, image and sound) for information professionals. Published by NEF, University of Toronto, between March 2003 and October 2007. As stated by Russon Wooldridge, founder of NEF, "The most prestigious library in the francophone world, the Bibliothèque nationale de France, makes note, in its parsimoniously granted bookmarks (Signets) of online resources, of the 'Net des études françaises' and in particular the 'Dictionnaire du NEF'." In French.

2005: Paper for the third International Symposium on ICT-Enhanced French Studies: Dialogues Across Languages and Cultures, York University, Toronto, Canada, October 2005. Title of paper: "Project Gutenberg, from 1971 to 2005". This paper is an in-depth study of Project Gutenberg, the oldest digital library on the internet, and its expansion worldwide. Also available in French.

2004: Michael Hart: Changing the World Through eBooks. A landmark article published by Project Gutenberg in June 2004. In English.

2004: Articles in Edition-actu, a semimonthly online newsletter published by CyLibris, Paris, a French pioneer in electronic publishing. 33 articles published from November 2001 to April 2004, and archived by NEF, University of Toronto. In French.

2003: Two articles in a UNESCO publication: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in the Information Society (CI.2003/WS/07), published for the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), December 2003, Geneva, Switzerland. Titles of articles: "Multilingualism on the Web" (p. 25-32) and "Translation in Cyberspace" (p. 33-38). This publication is also available in French (CI.2004/WS/04). PDF version and print version for both languages.

2003: Le Livre 010101 [The 010101 Book]. An extensive 10-year study (1993-2003) about digital technology for books: etexts, ebooks, online bookstores, digital libraries, online publishers, online reference tools, hypertext literature, reading devices, reading software, language software, and machine translation. Published by NEF, University of Toronto, in September 2003. Part of this work is based on interviews conducted in various countries. In French.

2002: Paper for the second International Symposium of French Studies Enhanced by Information Technology, Lisieux, France, May 2002. Title of paper: "The Literature Available Online, from the Origins (1971) to Nowadays: A Few Experiences." In French.

2001: Entretiens / Interviews / Entrevistas. 100 interviews with authors, poets, novelists, journalists, publishers, booksellers, librarians, researchers, professors, translators, and linguists, about the incidence of the internet on their professional life over several years. These interviews were conducted by email and in person in various countries, from 1998 to 2001. Many interviews are bilingual (English, French). Some of them are trilingual (English, French, Spanish). Published by NEF, University of Toronto, Canada. With a list of interviews in English.

2000: Articles in Internet Actu, a weekly online magazine published by FTPress (French Touch Press), Paris, France. 20 articles (E-Doc, 1-20, June-October 2000) relating to new technology in the book field. In French.

1999: From the Print Media to the Internet. A book originally published in PDF and in print by Editions 00h00, Paris, France. Editions 00h00 was a pioneer in commercial online publishing. French version and English version (with a different text). Some excerpts of this book were also published in two scientific journals: (a) Les Cahiers du numérique (I/5, 2000, Hermès Science, Paris); (b) Le Micro bulletin thématique (n° 1, 1999, CNRS, Paris).

1999: Multilingualism on the Web. A study originally published by CEVEIL (Centre for Assessment and Monitoring of Information Highways and Languages), Montreal, Quebec. This study includes four parts: multilingualism, language resources, translation resources, and language-related research. In French and English.

For publications relating to art and architecture, please see Bibliographie sélective.

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